Spring Portraits/Easter Minis----with BUNNIES!

When you think spring or Easter, what comes to mind?—-flowers, blossoming trees, and….bunnies?! Below you will see a photo of one of our baby bunnies—her name is Isabelle (or Izzy as I call her). She and her sister, Snowy, just might be available and willing to join your children in the studio this spring, for a VERY limited time only! Contact us for details. These bunnies are our babies so they are completely loved and ‘encouraged’ to participate with cuddles and treats! Did you know bunnies LOVE raisins?—-They do!

Call us today to make your reservation. These are extremely limited!

$50 reservation fee*
Choose your date and decide on a spring blossom theme or Easter theme
But remember, these are only available to a limited number of clients this spring!  This will sell out quickly so contact us now!


We can’t wait to meet you or, to our returning clients, to see you again! Cheers to warmer weather, more sunshine and flowers, and soft, sweet bunnies!
All of us here at
Devon Roe Photography

*Packages starting at $89